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I am a Canadian born Digital Cinematographer and media artist with more than six years of practical experience. As a Graduate from the University of Lethbridge (Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media), I continue to hone my skills in various facets of digital media.

I believe that the fabric of creating films is a collaborative experience that allows imaginative, like-minded people to produce thrilling and meaningful works of art. Through media based art I hope to eloquently prove myself in a range of digital film mediums. These mediums would include short films, documentaries, features, music videos or any other exciting opportunity that presents itself.

My professional experience includes work as Director of Photography and Editor on various film productions and Organizer and Programmer for the annual University of Lethbridge Film Festival.

Unwilling to rest on the success of previous accomplishments, I am continually searching for projects that interest and challenge my skills, and have potential for success. In this pursuit of excellence, I am continually gaining knowledge in all aspects of Digital Cinematography, Editing and media based art. My goal is to become a well- rounded and keen asset to any film production.

About MeTop

About MeTop

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Location: Vancouver, BC. Canada

E-mail: contact @ travisnabe.com